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Chef and Staff

Each House has its own Dining Room led by the House Chef and Cornell Dining staff.

Jacob Kuehn

Jacob Kuehn
House Chef/Manager 

Chef Kuehn is a graduate of Paul Smith's College.  His personal culinary philosophy is:  You can have the greatest food on earth, but if your staff doesn't support or respect you, your food means nothing.  Ultimately, the staff are the ones who put it all together.  As a chef, you not only need to understand food and how it transforms from raw to cooked, but you also need to understand people -- their passions, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their interactions with others, as well as with food.
Jansens Dining Room Staff Photo 9 2 2014

The fall Bethe House Dining crew, who is so happy to make meals for you each day.