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Student Assistants

The House Student Assistant (SA) lives in a West Campus House and partners with the House staff in creating a positive, vibrant and academically engaging residential community.  The SA serves as a peer mentor to undergraduate residents and supports the House Professor and Dean, House Assistant Dean, and Graduate Resident Fellows with a particular focus on the well-being of individual House members.  The SA takes a leadership role in creating community by promoting a variety of programs and activities.  The SA provides assistance, resource and referral information to undergraduate residents.  

Erin Krichilsky
Student Assistant
Week one of freshman year, as an aspiring Anthropology major, Erin found herself taking a FWS about honeybees. Learning the intricacies of such tiny creatures blew her mind and sparked an unwavering obsession, and caused her to move to Ithaca.
Ilan Mandel
Student Assistant
After working in fields such as education, publishing, and medicine, he has decided to just avoid a real job for as long as possible. For now, he participates in research in the information science department looking at socially assistive robots.
Sammy Ocbazghi
Student Assistant
Sammy is a junior majoring in computer science in the college of engineering. He is a member of the project team Engineers Without Boarders, a group which is currently working on a bridge and water treatment solution for Calcha, Bolivia.