Bethe House was designed to support a vibrant intellectual resident community. Bethe House has three main residential areas, Bethe-North, Bethe-South, and Bethe-McFaddin. The residents of Bethe House have full access to all three areas. The dining and common areas between Bethe-South and Bethe-North are open to the larger Cornell community during public hours. 

Study spaces are plentiful in Bethe. In Bethe-North and Bethe-South most of the residential wings have a study alcove in hallway. The seminar room, conference room, library and common room on the 2nd floor are ideal alternatives for getting out of your room to study. Bethe-McFaddin offers a lounge outside of the 1st floor kitchen, and a second common space on the ground floor. Bethe 214 is a group study room that is available to residents. 

Quiet study space is available in the library. Additionally, if you need a quiet place for a phone interview, speak to the Office Professional in the House Office and s/he can make a private office space available for you.

There are numerous lounges and common rooms throughout Bethe where you are able lounge with friends and enjoy the company of your Bethe neighbors. 

Kitchens are found on the 4th floor of Bethe-North and Bethe-South as well as the 1st floor of Bethe-McFaddin. As common resources, students are expected to clean the sink and counters after using the space, as well as label (name and date) any food in the refrigerator. 

TV lounges, equipped with DirecTV are on the ground floor in both Bethe-North and Bethe-McFaddin. 

Pianos are available in the Bethe common room and in the music practice room on the ground floor of Bethe-North. 

Computers and printing are available in the Bethe-McFaddin computer lab on the ground floor of McFaddin Hall. 

Laundry facilities are available on the ground floor in both Bethe-North and Bethe-McFaddin.