Active Citizen

Active Citizen

Bethe active citizen (n.): a generally awesome returning Bethe resident who adds to the community through informal engagement and as a fun neighbor. 

Active Citizens (ACs) make great things happen around them and are committed to making Bethe an awesome place to live. They add to the house in a wide variety of activities, ranging from spontaneous board game nights to organizing programs through the House Council. They are likely the person who will say "hi" every time you pass them and end up grabbing people for dinner in Jansen's dining room. They are all returning to Bethe so they are a great resource of information, including where to find the laundry room and how to sign out cupcake pans when your friend has a birthday. Each active citizen has their own style for how they make Bethe awesome, so keep an eye out for them. 

Interested in becoming an Active Citizen next year? Applications are now OPEN!

Step 1: Review Active Citizen Application Overview

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Step 3: Complete and submit Application by Monday, February 5, 2024, 5pm


A collage of various Active Citizen events from 21-22


Collage of Active Citizen Headshots
Collage of Bethe Active Citizens