Amy Sue

Amy Sue

Amy with short black hair, glasses, leaning forward, light pink fleece, smiling
Undergraduate Resident Fellow
Senior in Hotel Administration

Amy is from Los Angeles, California, and was born in South Korea. After her first year at the Culinary Institute of America, where she focused on Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts, she decided to transfer and is now a senior at the School of Hotel Administration.

This is Amy's second year living in Bethe as a URF, and you can often find her working at the House Office. She loves being part of the Bethe community and enjoys connecting with fellow residents.

In her free time, Amy loves experimenting with new recipes and heading to Collegetown for some boba. She’s really into keeping up with the latest food trends and loves chatting about new culinary ideas. Exploring new restaurants is a big hobby of hers, and she has a few favorite spots near campus like Thompson & Bleecker and Hound & Mare.

Amy is always on the lookout for new dining experiences in Ithaca and is happy to share her discoveries. If you need restaurant or recipe recommendations, she's your go-to person!